5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 262

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. Every 2-3 years, look at your house as if you were going to sell it, and do the quick projects and deep cleaning that will spruce it up. It will help keep your house in good shape, and make it cheaper on the repairs/upgrade costs when you do sell.

2. Don’t share “this person is missing” posts unless the contact number is to the police!

I often see this – a person writes a post about how their family member is missing and they want it shared so that they can find them and get in contact with them, and the only number on the post is their own number.

This is sometimes used to locate people who have escaped abuse, someone who left an abusive partner and took the kids with them to a safe house, or maybe someone escaping honor-related violence.

Always call the police if you know something about someone who might be missing.

3. The most helpful thing you can do when leaving a review for clothes is tell people what size you got, how tall you are, and what you weigh.

4. If you need to calculate the monthly cost of weekly payments, multiply by 4.345, don’t fall into the 4 weeks month trap.

Also, a year is 52.1429 weeks, not 52, but here the difference is not as important, so don’t worry as much about it.

5. If you are trying to go to sleep and remember something but don’t want to get up to write it down, place an object on the ground, that way when you wake up in the morning you will wonder why that object is on the ground and associate it with whatever you were trying to remember.

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