5 Things You Should Know – Part 409

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Screaming at people in your family is not normal in a lot of households, and a starting point for abuse.

Here is a book recommendation: “How to Deal with Emotionally Explosive People” by Albert Bernstein.

Many people who grow up with a parent who screams at them when angry ends up doing it to friends or members of their own family when they grow up. They don’t know that, for a lot of people who grew up with healthier family dynamics, it’s not normal to be screamed at and can feel very scary. Screaming at someone angrily isn’t necessarily abuse, but habitually screaming at someone to scare or upset them or to ‘get your way’, especially when also insulting them or cursing at them, is considered abusive. You’d be surprised how many people do not know this and think screaming is normal!

2. When buying a suit, it’s generally expected that you will get the suit tailored to you so that it fits better. Plan to buy the suit at least a week ahead of when you need it to allow for the tailoring time.

It’s common to buy suits for an event like weddings or interviews, but unless you’re dropping a boatload of money on the suit it is unlikely to fit you very well. Tailoring also isn’t expensive like you might think and it really adds an extra level to your presentation.

3. Touching your dog (Messing with their paws, looking in their ears, etc.) can save their life.

Some dog owners can look at their dog while they are in the middle of a health crisis and not KNOW it is a health crisis, especially with things like dog bloat. Messing with your dog’s ears, paws, tail, stomach, etc. will also help you with grooming them, as they will be used to you touching them. This also will help you notice when something is wrong. My mom spent hours with her GSD puppy just messing with him, and she knew how he acted normally vs. how he acts when he is sick/upset. This saved his life when he had a dog bloat, and he is happy and healthy two years later. Get to know your dogs, and it not only will make life so much easier when grooming them, but it might also save your furry friend’s life!

4. ‘Food pranks’ aren’t pranks. They are felony food tampering offenses, grievous bodily harm, and assault, and often carry minimum sentences.

It’s very easy to ruin your life in various ways, but a lot of possibly younger people here seem to think it’s a very minor thing.

Intentionally forcing things into other people’s bodies, through deception or force, is extremely serious. Your intention is irrelevant. Warped humor under the misguided idea of what a prank does not exempt you from interfering with another citizen’s bodily autonomy.

Food tampering is very serious.

5. The phrase, “We are closing our collection!” is a deceptive marketing tactic.

You may see ads that go something like this:

“We’re so sad to announce that we’re closing our collection! 😭 Huge discounts on everything. Get these items while you can. So sorry everyone!”

These ads are intentionally worded to give the false impression that the company is going out of business. They want you to think that this is the “last chance” to buy from them.

In reality, closing a “collection” simply means:

  1. No longer grouping certain items together as a “collection,” even though they will still be for sale.
  2. Making a minor change to some items.
  3. Retiring some items—but certainly not going out of business.

So when you see this phrase—don’t panic buy.

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