5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 254

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. After a bad break up, do 10 things that your ex would never do with you. You’ll feel better and realize how much of yourself was being held back.

2. Want to be more charismatic? Don’t try to be more impressive or entertaining, focus on being a very good engaged listener. Engaged listeners make eye-contact, ask questions to bring the speaker out, and don’t interject with their own stories or change the conversation to be about them.

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3. Don’t throw away a blanket that’s just a bit worn out or stained. Instead, donate it to your local animal shelter. For many homeless pets, a soft place to sleep is their greatest solace.

4. You will want different things at different stages of life. It’s okay, and don’t feel like you’re disappointing your “past self” for wanting something different.

5. When you can’t find your glasses. Grab your phone, open up the camera and use that to see. Everything will be in focus on your screen and you can hold it close enough that you’ll be able to see everything clearly.

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