5 Things You Should Know – Part 398

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. People dealing with depression can find it incredibly hard to maintain contact with friends and family. If someone hasn’t been in touch for months don’t assume they’re a bad friend.

2. If your dog eats cooked bones, give them bread. It could save their life.

An experience shared: “My dog got ahold of a cooked bone. A big ol’ ham bone. She obliterated it. After some Googling, I found that you should immediately give them bread.

I shoved bread down her gullet until she looked like she was pregnant. My vet commended the move and said with how much bone she ate and how much had splintered, the bread saved her life. And if not her life, it saved me from having to pay $3k+ for surgeries. A $3 loaf of bread saved my dog’s life. Crazy to think about.

From my understanding, the bread “absorbs” the bone and keeps it from puncturing anything by essentially padding it. They may still need surgery to remove any big or sharp pieces, but it’s better than needing additional surgery for a puncture.

You of course should still bring your dog to the vet ASAP, but all she ended up needing was some x-rays and pain meds. A shitty situation ended better than it could have.”

3. Two less talked about symptoms of ADHD are poor mood regulation and rejection sensitivity.

People with ADHD are more prone to extreme emotions. This is the result of poor executive function (a set of mental tools required to complete tasks). Many people are misdiagnosed with other mood disorders when in fact they have ADHD. This can lead to many years of incorrect treatment plans and/or worsening symptoms.

4. If you’ve ever given the Amazon app on your phone microphone access, the app will be always listening when open, ostensibly for Hey Alexa keyword detection.

This is a potential privacy concern.

5. If you are among the thousands of Americans yet to receive the (earlier) stimulus money, you could claim and receive it as a refund with your 2020 Returns next year.

An experienced shared: “I am in this situation. Althought the status online shows ‘check was mailed on May 14th I haven’t received it, nor did I see a direct deposit in my bank.

After a few attempts, talked to an IRS Agent who explained that I could claim a ‘refund’ and receive it with my tax filing next year.”



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