5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 247

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. Many problems in marriage are really just problems with being a bad roommate. Learn how to be a good roommate, and it will solve many of the main issues that plague marriages. This includes communicating about something bothering you before you get too angry to communicate properly.

2. If you are doing a secret Santa with a $20 spending limit, instead of buying cheap trinkets, spend the money on a high-quality version of a useful item that would typically cost far less (i.e., a $20 pen, bag of coffee, kitchen utensil, etc.)

3. If you like ramen noodles, try shopping at an Asian grocery. They carry better brands than your standard American supermarket.

It may cost up to 4x the cost… so, a dollar, but they usually have 2-4 different flavor packages, and are generally a superior product.

4. Stop trying to prove a point to people who don’t matter in your actual life.

5. Delete or empty your inactive PayPal accounts, since they started charging an “inactive account service fee”.

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