5 Things You Should Know – Part 396

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Delivery apps charge restaurants 15%-30% on top of the fees they charge you, often eliminating the restaurant’s profits. Ordering directly is the best way to support local restaurants.

Restaurants often operate on ~30% or less profit margins, so by using delivery apps they are often breaking even or losing money, essentially working for free. Most people think they are helping the restaurant but they could actually be hurting it.

2. When you go through a drive-thru, you will usually still be close to the employee serving you. You should still wear a face covering as if you were standing next to them.

Just because you’re in your car, it doesn’t mean that something can’t be transmitted to the employee. If there’s no plexiglass barrier between you and the employee(s), you should wear a face-covering out of respect.

3. Survivorman’s entire series is available on youtube for free. The series films an expert living in actual survival situations for seven days where he has to find his own way out. If you are an outdoors person or you travel the show teaches very valuable concepts that could save your life.

Check: Link to the youtube playlist for season 1

Also, The show has saved multiple lives so while it is not only entertaining, it’s educational with practical skills. Certainly, not everyone, not even close to it, will need to use these skills to survive, it’s better to know how to do something to survive and not need it than to end up in that kind of situation and be completely helpless.

His channel also has other survival-related content that might be interesting to some people.

4. Grindr has a FREE option to change the app icon to something more discrete.

If you are not out to the people around you, it can be potentially DANGEROUS to have them see the Grindr app icon in your notifications if they are peeping at your screen. In the settings tab, you can find a prompt to change the app icon. It is completely free and requires no subscription.

5. If in the UK or visiting and are hard of hearing, speech difficulties, or anything that makes a phone call a challenge – the emergency service ‘999’ number has a text service you can activate.

This is a service that will need to be activated on your mobile. By default, it is not activated.

Text ‘register’ to 999 and agree to activation on your mobile no. If you wish to use this service.

PSNI link

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