25 Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee brought Kung Fu to Hollywood. He died at just 32 years of age, but his legacy still remains. Here are 25 Kickass and Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee:

1-5 Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

Pallbearer-Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

1. Steve McQueen, James Coburn, and Chuck Norris were amongst the pallbearers at Bruce Lee’s funeral. – Source

2. Bruce Lee had the ability to snatch a dime off a person’s open palm before they could close it, and leave a penny behind. – Source

3. In 1962, Bruce lee landed 15 punches, a kick, and knocked out his opponent in a fight that lasted only 11 seconds. – Source

4. Bruce Lee’s kicks were so fast that while filming for one scene in Enter the Dragon, they had to re-film it in slow motion (34 frames) so that it wouldn’t appear fake. – Source

5. Bruce Lee was a fan of The Great Gama, the only undefeated wrestler in the world. Great Gama’s career spanned 50 years. – Source

6-10 Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

Cha-Cha-Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

6. Bruce Lee was known to be a great Cha-Cha dancer. He had won the Hong Kong Cha-Cha Championship in 1958. – Source

7. A statue of Bruce Lee was placed in Mostar, Bosnia because he was something that all ethnicities liked and could agree on. The statue was later vandalized and destroyed. – Source

8. Bruce Lee’s speed in terms of reacting + punching from a distance of three feet away was found to be around five hundredths of a second (0.05 second). – Source

9. Bruce Lee was a big Muhammad Ali fan and used to would watch his fights on film obsessively. – Source

10. Bruce Lee died from an allergic reaction to a pain killer. – Source

11-15 Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

Red Tailed Hawk-Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

11. The San Francisco Giants eradicated their Seagull problem with a Red Tailed Hawk named “Bruce Lee.” – Source

12. Yip Man who taught Bruce Lee opened his own martial arts school so that he could afford opium. – Source

13. Bruce Lee had the ability to catch a grain of rice in mid-air with chopsticks. – Source

14. Bruce Lee kicked a man so hard that it broke a bystander’s arm when the man fell into him. – Source

15. Bruce Lee’s last movie (Game of Death) contains footage of his actual funeral with close ups of Lee in his coffin.

16-20 Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

Chuck Norris Bruce lee-Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

16. When asked who would win in a fight to the death, Chuck Norris once said “Bruce [Lee] of course, nobody can beat him.” – Source

17. Bruce Lee was able to perform 50 reps of one-arm chin-ups and it has been said that he performed pushups with upto 125lb of weight on his back. He only weighed approx. 130lbs. – Source

18. Jackie Chan began his film career as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee films, Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon. – Source

19. Bruce Lee’s first notable film (Golden Gate Girl) was shot in the USA, but wasn’t released in the USA until 5 years after it was released in China. He was just 1 at that time.- Source

20. Bruce Lee was part German (his mother is half German). – Source

21-25 Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

Wing Chun-Interesting Facts About Bruce Lee

21. Bruce Lee was taught “wing chun” by Grandmaster “Y”Ip Man when Bruce was 13. – Source

22. Bruce Lee was one of Hong Kong’s most prominent child actors, with 20 movies to his name by the time he was 18.

23. There was a cultural phenomenon called Bruceploitation, in which numerous Bruce Lee look-alikes starred in cheap knock-off movies to cash in on the obsession with Lee after he died. – Source

24. Bruce Lee’s secret hobby was writing poetry, and he was actually pretty good at it. – Source

25. Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco. – Source

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