Seeking Love through Matchmaking for Marriage Relationship (III)

Matching tools adopted by matchmakers

We could see what most if not all the matchmakers are basically applying in matching people is the nowadays “scientific” tools.

Following are extracts from some matchmaker sites showing the tools and attributes that are most commonly adopted for matching people seriously seeking love and marriage relationships:

“… is the only relationship site on the web that creates compatible matches based on 29 dimensions scientifically proven to predict happier, healthier relationships. To help you better understand these 29 dimensions, we’ve grouped them into Core Traits and Vital Attributes. Core Traits are defining aspects of who you are that remain largely unchanged throughout your adult life.
Vital Attributes are based on learning and experience, and are more likely to change based on life events and decisions you make as an adult…”
“…matches you based on compatibility in the most important areas of life — like values, intellect, sense of humor, and 25 other dimensions…”

“…is proven to be more effective than any relationship tool on the Web. By identifying your traits, we determine your romantic compatibility type and suggest ideal matches for you. And unlike the eHarmony experience, you’re free to accept those matches or do your own search based on any criteria you choose…”

“…matchmaking system is based on 30 compatibility factors based on research and long time experience in successful introductions…”

“…matched with individuals that are balanced and counter balanced with your Key Core Compatibility Analysis as well as your physical criteria, personality requirements, hobbies, interests…”
“…who don’t have time to meet the ‘right’ person, nor do they have time to waste with the wrong person. Our Members come to us to find someone that matches their lifestyles, attitudes, values and goals as well as someone matching their physical requirements…
…Life is short – but if you are with the wrong person it is long, very long.”
“…matches based upon your desires, goals, motivations and our instincts…”

“…’You’, Will be Matched — With People of
Similar Backgrounds, Similar Interests, Similar Values, and Similar Expectations…”

“…who best match your…Values…Lifestyles…Interests…& Goals…”

“…Do you guarantee a ‘match’?
No one can predict how a relationship will evolve. Our objective is to connect you with an individual who meets the specific criteria you provide regarding what you are looking for in a lifetime partner (not just someone to ‘date’). After the two of you make the first connection, it is up to the two of you to proceed in a manner that is mutually appropriate…”

“…Our culture, interests, political views, career, education, class, religion and income level all indicate compatibility. We match our members with people who share ideas and lifestyle…”
“…Other important factors on which we base our proposals are self-esteem, self-confidence, sex drive, appearance, habits such as smoking/drinking and life style…”

“…a profile based on personal background, relationship history, family values and interests — as well as personality type. A unique Psychographic Matching Process reaches into the basic character and personality traits…”

The phenomenon is overwhelming that almost all people in the matchmaking service industry truly believe compatibility is the golden rule for success…in love and marriage relationships.

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