Common Signs of an Abusive Relationship

The sad truth is that numerous women around the globe are in abusive relationships with men who need psychological assistance. So, what you need to know is how to spot common signs of an abusive relationship. In reality your close friend, co-worker, sibling or even child could be afflicted by an abusive relationship at some point or another in their lives. Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with you. Well, it’s essentially up to you to spot these typical signs of an abusive relationship so that you can help them get out of it and away from the abuser. Sadly many women end up staying in these awful situations for years.

There are different kinds of abuse. There’s physical abuse, which commonly concerns striking and injuring the victim; there’s verbal/emotional abuse, which generally means that the abuser is bashing the one they’re with by using derogatory or negative terms; and there’s also sexual abuse, which involves any type of sexual force on a spouse, girlfriend or child. Any of these types of abuse can prove fatal, depending upon the circumstances and severity. As a good friend, sibling, parent or acquaintance, it’s crucial for you to be able to spot the signs of an abusive relationship.

Some common signs of an abusive relationship to look out for are; the abused individual is meek or timid, the abused individual lacks friends; it’s common for the one who’s being abused to avoid contact with others and hardly ever go out in public for fun; the abused party will often bare bruises of some sort, but probably try to hide them with clothing or make up; lack of appetite is common for someone being abused; the abused party may look tired, depressed or warn out; the one being abused may additionally spend a great deal of time at home, kept in solitude from the world. These are all signs of an abusive relationship and can be spotted if you keep your eyes open. It’s important to remember that an abused woman can not always help herself, due to her situation; therefore it’s up to you to do something if you feel there’s abuse occurring. Their life could literally depend on it!

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