5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 261

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. You may not like being in pictures or taking them, but you will hate that you have no photos of some time period when you’re older. Take pictures even if it is out of your comfort zone occasionally, for your future self.

2. Walking 3 miles will burn more calories than running 1 mile. It is easier to walk 3 miles while listing to a podcast, music, audiobook, etc.

3. Always sign original documents in blue. That way there’s never a question as to which document is the original and which is a copy.

4. If you’re hosting a webinar or Zoom call, don’t “wait a few minutes for late people to join in.” It just makes every webinar start 5-10 minutes late, rewards the wrong people, and punishes people who arrive on time.

5. When looking at potential houses, in the basement look at the door hinges. If the bottom one is different or newer, the basement may have a history of flooding that even the realtor may not know about.

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