5 Things You Should Know – Part 411

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. A ton of quiet, well-behaved children, grow up to have anxiety and depression. Pay attention to the kids in your life who seem perfectly fine.

2. There are many reasons a person’s hands might shake and telling them to “just relax” is not helpful.

Hand tremors can be caused by many different things and almost none of them are any of your business. Anxiety, a neurological disorder, drug/alcohol withdrawals, and brain damage are a few possible causes. The only one that can be improved by relaxing is anxiety. But calling attention to someone’s anxiety will not help. It’s patronizing and is likely to cause more anxiety. You’re basically just announcing, “Everyone can see your hands shaking!” This is not an appropriate reaction to any medical symptom.

Citation: https://www.ninds.nih.gov/Disorders/Patient-Caregiver-Education/Fact-Sheets/Tremor-Fact-Sheet

3. Wolfram Alpha exists. Wolfram Alpha is advanced mathematics that shows step-by-step solutions.

4. If you’re watching a YouTube video with headphones and the audio is only coming through one ear, you should enable mono sound.

I should mention that this won’t work if one of your headphone speakers are simply just broken. The reason this happens is not a hardware issue but an issue with how the YouTuber/content creator mixed/recorded the audio tracks, making the sound completely pan to either the right or left side.

Mono sound means the same audio will play through both speakers rather than anything being panned to the left or right (For example majority of all music does this to give the music a more dynamic sound)

On Windows literally, just search “Mono” after hitting the Windows key, and it’s the first option that comes up. With Mac go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Audio > Tick the checkbox for Play stereo audio as mono.

And after you’re done watching the video just remember to disable the setting and you’re good to go!

You can even do this on mobile, if you’re on IOS go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Mono audio > toggle the switch on.

If you’re on Android, it’s Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Enhancements > Toggle Mono Audio.

Hope this tip helps anyone out there!

5. On subscription-based services, you can usually get a cheaper rate, if you call and ask.

An experience shared:

“I just had this happen to me. My wife and I both have satellite radio-enabled cars. I don’t have mine active because I don’t listen to music often enough (I prefer podcasts, audibooks, etc). I still get special advertisements all the time about restarting my service. I happened to get one of these just after my wife’s subscription price automatically renewed at the “going rate” (or whatever you call that ridiculously high rate they charge if you don’t call and bother them). I called them up and asked for the special rate I had just been offered. The guy pulls up the account and offers me some other offer which is cheaper than regular, but not as good as what I had. I asked him if I couldn’t get the deal I called about. He responded, “we have to get an answer on this deal first: do you want it, yes or no.” My response was “not if I can get this other offer”, which he then repeated his line and I realized he was following his script literally and had to offer me some low-ball offer first before proceeding to the offer I was interested in, so I told him no and I could hear him sigh with relief as he proceeded to pull up the offer I wanted and offer it to me. I was tempted to see if there was an even better offer out there by answering no again, but didn’t want to push my luck and end up canceling the service (and making Mrs. upset).

The moral of the story, you can (almost) always get your subscription-based service cheaper if you call and ask. You may have to threaten to cancel (and don’t be afraid to follow through if they say no because sometimes they think your threat is empty and won’t try to sell you until you are serious).”

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