5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 258

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. Request: Stimulus checks for the homeless.

If you are homeless, you can go to a tax return office where they will file something called an EIP return. They will put the money on a debit card after.

If you see or personally know someone homeless, let them know!

2. If you have dashcam footage of someone (especially a pedestrian) trying to commit insurance fraud, get their information before telling them you caught them on tape—then report it to their insurance company.

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3. If you have a bee problem (a hive in your house/yard). Don’t call an exterminator, call a local beekeeper.

Bees are expensive. Most beekeepers would love some free bees. And will take care of them for you. That way not only do you get rid of the bees for free. But you don’t kill them and they get a new home. Save the bees!

4. If you’re on the fence about buying anything ask yourself “if I had to choose between being given this item or its equivalent value in money, which would I take?”

For example, I want new boots that are $200. Imaginary magic being offers me boots in one hand or $200 in the other. I can only pick one.

Most of the time I pick the money! But every now and then I pick the item. Something to help y’all save some money when making purchases 🙂

5. Don’t buy a knife block with 8+ knives because it seems like value for money. They’ll be worse quality and you really only need 3.

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