25 Kickass Random Facts List #606

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1-5 Kickass Random Fact

1. At an Allied checkpoint during the Battle of the Bulge, US General Omar Bradley was detained as a possible spy when he correctly identified Springfield as the capital of Illinois. The American military police officer who questioned him mistakenly believed the capital was Chicago. – Source

2. When the British raised taxes on beer in the 17th century, they inadvertently made gin the cheapest alcoholic beverage in the country. The ensuing widespread consumption of gin led to substantial alcoholism problems in Britain, with the death rate overtaking the birth rate during this period. – Source

3. In Moscow, packs of stray dogs will sometimes send out a smaller, cuter member to beg for food, apparently realizing it will be more successful than its bigger, less attractive counterparts. – Source

4. Despite being depicted on California’s flag, the California grizzly bear has been extinct since 1924. – Source

5. Basque (a language is spoken near the Spain/France border) is a language isolate; not only is it NOT a Romance language, but it’s also not even an Indo-European language. It is the only surviving Pre-Indo-European language in Western Europe. – Source

6-10 Kickass Random Facts

6. Newlywed couples who watched and discussed five movies about relationships over the period of a month reduced their three-year divorce or separation rate from 24% to 11%. That makes it as effective in reducing divorce rates as a 20-hour therapist-led early marriage counseling program. – Source

7. Czechoslovakia split up against the wishes of its people: “only 37% of Slovaks and 36% of Czechs favored dissolution”. – Source

8. Winchester Cathedral was built on a marsh and was on the verge of collapse as it sunk into the earth. A diver named William Walker worked alone in pitch-black water for five years, eventually putting down 25,000 bags of concrete, 115,000 concrete blocks, and 900,000 bricks to save its foundation. – Source

9. When recording a guest spot on The Simpsons, Justin Timberlake took issue with a line in which he said “Word!” saying it felt inauthentic. As a prank, the staff then edited his dialogue in production so every line ended with him saying “Word!” – Source

10. Mariano Martinez is a man who in 1971 modified an ice cream machine to create the first frozen margarita machine. He did this to meet the demand for a popular margarita recipe he was serving at the time. You can find his invention on display at the Smithsonian Museum for American history. – Source

11-15 Kickass Random Facts

11. Famed science fiction author Isaac Asimov died of complications from AIDS, after contracting HIV from a blood transfusion. His family hid the cause of his death due to the stigma attached to AIDS in the early 1990s. – Source

12. Hugh Laurie gave Lin-Manuel Miranda the idea for the song “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton after guest starring on House in 2009. Miranda mentioned to Laurie he was trying to write a breakup letter from King George to the colonies and “without blinking, he improv’d at me, ‘Awwww, you’ll be back’.” – Source

13. After hearing Leonard Cohen’s album including “Hallelujah,” the head of CBS Records said it wasn’t good enough for a U.S. release. Years later, accepting an award, Cohen thanked his record company by saying, “I have always been touched by the modesty of their interest in my work.” – Source

14. Gotye didn’t monetize his music on YouTube, missing out in millions of dollars in revenue from just his “Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)” video on YouTube. – Source

15. Kiyoshi Shimizu is a Japanese journalist that helped solved a series of child kidnapping cases and released an innocent man from further prosecution. He also helped solve the murder of Shiori Ino which led to the changes to the legal treatment of stalking in Japan. – Source

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