5 Things You Should Know – Part 407

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. If you aren’t getting a 2% raise every year, you’re losing money (in the USA).

The annual inflation rate for the USA is about 2%. Every 5 years, you’ll have 10% less purchasing power, so make sure you’re getting those raises whether it be asking your boss or finding a new job at a new place.

2. Yelp filters non-recommended reviews & has been accused of hiding good reviews for companies that refuse to pay them for advertising.

Scroll down to the bottom of each business page and click on “reviews that are not recommended.”

3. The 150 plus feet (45 meters) of space (and more) that truckers leave between themselves and another car on the highway is not for you to squeeze in between or use.

It is called the “kill zone” and it’s supposed to act as a buffer zone between a car and a truck. Trucks when fully loaded (which is often) can take around two American football field lengths (600 feet or 182 meters) to slow to a complete stop even when applying full braking pressure. Leave that space alone. Use it ONLY briefly for immediate lane changes or briefly in emergency maneuvers, they need it to keep you safe

4. Living with toxic people affects not just your mental health but your physical health too.

If you’re having acne, hair loss, eating disorders, migraines or you feel something is wrong with your body despite being physically active, eating healthy, meditating, and just having overall good habits, check your environment, living with toxic people will give you major health issues. It could be your family, roommate, boyfriend, or literally anyone. If you feel like you have to walk on eggshells every time that person is around, it’s literally affecting your health.

5. There is a text based phishing campaign to hack people’s venmos. If you get a text that looks like Venmo and claims there is suspicious activity, report it.

There is currently text bot sending very convincing texts claiming to be Venmo’s fraud service. They ask you to follow a link that looks like it’s Venmo’s and sign in. The link uses “venmo” as its third level domain so it appears legit, but the second level domain is something else meaning any sign in information is NOT going to venmo, but a scammer who will then access and drain your account.

Venmo will not send you texts asking you to sign in. NO BANK WILL. Instead, any legitimate fraud alert will ask you to sign in to their app/website without providing the link. This scam exists solely to trick people into “logging in” on the fake website and stealing your credentials.

Do not fall for this scam. Report it if you happen to get this specific text, and remember NEVER to sign in on any links delivered to you (unrequested).

Also, remember that third level domains have no relation to the company. All websites follow the {xxxx}.{yyyyy}.{zzzzz} format. {yyyyy} tells you the domain (in the sense most people think about it). {xxxxx} tells you where in the domain to look. Therefore {Signup}.{Google}.{com} is Google but {Google}.{Signup}.{com} is someone called “Signup” pretending to be google.

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