25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 277

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 276, click here.

1. George H.W. Bush takes a toboggan ride with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Camp David, 1991.

2. Keshia Thomas protects an alleged KKK supporter from a mob in Ann Arbor, MI, 1996.

3. Coal Miners coming up a Coal Mine Elevator after a day of work, Belgium, the 1920’s.

4. German firefighters during the Nazi regime, 1933-1945.

5. An atomic factory worker wearing a plastic suit walks past his more traditionally dressed peers, Britain, 18 December 1954.

6. Freedom Rider Joan Trumpauer Mulholland arrested, Mississippi, 8 June 1961.

7. Guests enjoy tea, pudding, and cigarettes in the dining room of the Canadian Pacific Railways Palliser Hotel, Calgary, Alberta, late 1940s.

8. Apartment in West Berlin, Germany, the 1960s.

9. A Soviet tanker feeding polar bears, the 1950s.

10. Japanese student protest, Zenkyoto (全学共闘会議) with bamboo spears and their iconic helmets near Tokyoís Hibiya Park, 21 Oct. 1971.

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