25 Crazy Headlines of the Month – Part 184

Here are this month’s crazy headlines.

1-5 Crazy Headlines

1. ‘Frozen’ animation code helped engineers solve a 62-year-old Russian cold case. – Source

2. Sacha Baron Cohen: I will hire Rudy Giuliani to contest Golden Globes if ‘Borat,’ ‘Chicago 7’ lose. – Source

3. Plane flies over Robinhood HQ with ‘Suck My Nuts’ banner. – Source

4. Missouri state lawmaker charged with selling fake stem cell treatments and claiming they are a cure for COVID-19. – Source

5. Parler CEO says the board fired him for planning to ban “neo-Nazi” groups. – Source

6-10 Crazy Headlines

6. Hitler’s toilet seat looted by the US soldier during World War II up for auction. – Source

7. TSA agent convicted of tricking a woman into showing him her breasts at LAX. – Source

8. Six arrested after changing Hollywood sign to “HOLLYBOOB”. – Source

9. Pharmacists who sabotaged COVID-19 vaccines allegedly believed the sky was a shield to stop people from seeing god: FBI. – Source

10. Rochester police officer pepper sprays 9-year-old child, yelling “you’re acting like a child!”. – Source

11-15 Crazy Headlines

11. Florida inmate mistakenly released from jail on his birthday. – Source

12. Chic-fil-A supplier Simmon Foods claims that its meatpackers are not employees because are “not willingly working” and “worked without promise or expectation of pay”. – Source

13. Rudy Giuliani responds to Lincoln project’s litigation threat: ‘I’m writing them a letter back telling them I will not respond to their letter’. – Source

14. South African government releases its own browser just to re-enable Flash support. – Source

15. Florida could see a sea turtle baby boom—thanks to the pandemic. – Source

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