5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 253

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. You’ll never spend as much on a Uber as you will for a DUI.

2. If someone has an aging/elderly pet, don’t ONLY talk about how old they are/how you can’t believe they aren’t dead yet. The owner dreads the day they have to say goodbye enough and just wants other people to see their pet as pure and beautiful, as they’ll see them until the end.

3. When attacking a long-term goal, just show up every day. Simply showing up and putting in even a basic effort consistently will get you further than putting in amazing efforts inconsistently.

Not only will you have more consistent practice/hours logged (and build your healthy-habit/resilience muscles), but you’ll also have the confidence and aggression of knowing you’ve earned the right to have success.

If you feel guilty about the corners you’ve cut, you won’t have that same hunger and tenacity to prove yourself.

Routines also take less mental energy. When your brain anticipates certain responsibilities on a consistent basis, it frees up valuable willpower and energy for actual performance and emergencies.

4. When you buy a house, be sure to save pictures of the interior design before the sale is over. You can recreate the “staging” that the realtors paid for to make the house look cozy.

Houses are often professionally “staged”, meaning a company will come in and make the house look as cozy and livable as possible using rented props. None of it will be there when you buy the house, but you can recreate the look from the pictures and get free interior design designed to maximize the house’s appeal.

5. If you have elderly family members living alone, tape a piece of paper with your contact info and any important personal information to their fridge. That way, if paramedics get called, they will have quick access to this info without having to dig around.

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