5 Things You Should Know – Part 403

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. If your child has a favorite toy/stuffie that they can’t live without, your should buy multiples of it before it’s too late.

2. In addition to wiping snow off all windows of your vehicle you should also wipe off headlights, taillights, hood, and roof.

Wiping off headlights and tail lights are to help others see you, even if you don’t need the headlights to see. Wiping off the hood prevents snow from flying back up at the windshield making it hard to see even with the wipers on and wiping it off the roof prevents it from flying back at others.

The roof part is the most important and there’s ice on the roof because that can do some damage to another car if it flies off at high speeds.

3. If you find Indian food spicy, you should order Raita along with it.

Raita is curd mixed with some spices, chopped onions, and Boondi (small gram flour puff balls).

People on the Internet always say that they find Indian food too spicy despite them liking it then you should definitely order Raita also with your Indian curry. Raita should ease the hotness of the dishes you are eating.

In INDIA, Raita is a must-have with your food even when you are in your home and one thing people in restaurants always order.

Just take a bite of your curry and then take a spoonful of Raita after and it makes a delicious combination.

4. You are never wasting your time when you are reading a good book.

Fictional reading in particular is extremely beneficial to all aspects of your life. Humans have been wired with the ability to speak, as we’ve been doing it for at least 100,000 years in some shape or form. Reading, however, has only been around for 5,000 years or so. A baby has to be taught how to read but will learn to speak if you put them around other people who speak.

Reading quite literally creates new individual neural pathways in the brain. Brain scans show that reading results in a brain activity quite similar to having the actual experience yourself. The brain is a muscle, the more you force yourself to take other people’s perspective, the more you sympathize, the more empathetic society we will have.

5. Expectation management is a crucial but underrated skill.

An experience shared: ” As a career consultant, I have observed that the vast majority of projects that were unsuccessful failed not because of any technical shortcomings, but because of bad expectation management (EM). EM is important for all relationships, not just the client-consultant one.

When you are planning to do something, whether for work or in your personal life, be honest with yourself and any other parties about what can be done within a given timeframe/budget. It may lead to disappointment and possibly even you losing the project, but it’s better to weed those situations out at the beginning rather than be stuck with an impossible task that you can’t deliver on. If you fail to deliver after agreeing to unreasonable terms, it’s all on you. At that point, your reputation will take a much bigger hit than if you had just been honest at the beginning. “

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