5 Things You Should Know – Part 392

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Just because someone doesn’t look sick/disabled, does not mean they are healthy.

2. There is a tool for everything. If the job you are doing seems too hard or taking too long, it might be because you are using the wrong tool.

If your work is taking too long to complete look for a better tool.

3. Pulling pranks on people with intense phobias can cause severe harm.

You can make someone MORE afraid of something by pranking them with it and can literally traumatize them.

4. Christmas cards that “sing” or play a melody when opened are not recyclable and the PCBs inside produce a lot of E-waste.

Coming into Christmas try to avoid buying these cards. Inside each is a small speaker and circuit board, a lot of the time containing mercury and other harmful substances.

The card itself isn’t recyclable with these still inside, so if you do get one, don’t throw it straight in the trash!

A little web page about this

5. If your cat pees or poops outside of the litter box, that is not normal healthy behavior.

A cat not using a litter box is a sign that something is wrong. It may mean that the cat is unhappy with some aspect of the litter box, like the type of litter or it not being cleaned enough, or it might even mean that your cat is having a health issue and needs to go to the vet. Don’t punish your cat for it, figure out what’s wrong instead.

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