25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 263

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 262, click here.

1. “They buried him among the kings because he had done good toward God and toward his house.”

The coffin of the Uknown Warrior before his internment in Westminster Abbey, a memorial to all British and Commonwealth troops killed during WWI with no known grave, 11 November 1920.

2. French troops with the war-torn flag, 1917.

3. Captured British Troops, Falklands War, 1982.

4. Amelia Earhart during studio photoshoot, circa 1928-1935.

5. Ottoman pilot Ahmet Ali Efendi, first black pilot ever, 1916.

6. Close quarters combat between soldiers of the German Freikorps and Spartacist rebels, January uprising, Berlin, 1919.

7. Yugoslav and American troops in the Free Territory of Trieste, 1947.

8. A group of Parisian women walks their gas mask-equipped dogs, 1939.

9. Girls practicing boxing on a rooftop, 1938.

10. Brazilian girl refuses to shake the hands of Military dictator João Figueiredo, 1979.

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