5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 243

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. If you’re around 12-15 listen to as much music as you can cause the music you listen to during those years will stick with you for life and the feeling of going back to those songs when you’re older is quite euphoric.

2. DON’T be on your best behavior on a first date. DO be your normal, everyday, relaxed hanging-with-friends behavior. You want the person to like you for who you actually are, not who you are pretending to be. You will save yourself a lot of wasted time dating people who only like the fake you.

3. If you are in a bad mood, try to calm down before you interact with others. It’s not fair to yell at others because YOU are the one that’s stressed and overwhelmed.

4. Don’t compare your current life/financial/career situations to others. Compare it to your past self, and evaluate how the personal decisions you’ve made have impacted your circumstances.

5. When a problem arises, skip blame and go straight to, “How can we resolve it?” Accountability comes after, never first.


Your team is about to give an important presentation at an event. Ten minutes before go-time, you discover you’re missing the slideshow. You’re 100% sure it was Joe’s job to bring the slideshow.


Ask Joe why he didn’t bring the slideshow, remind him it was his job, or get into a lengthy discussion about where the miscommunication happened.


Go straight to the actual problem: getting the slideshow. Can Joe call someone near his desk to email it? Does Joe have time to run back and grab it?


Keep the air energized, positive, and solution-oriented until the problem has been resolved. Only after you’ve solved the issue do you ask, “Okay, how did this happen, and how can we do better in the future?” This may include holding someone accountable. But until the problem is resolved? No blame.

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