5 Things You Should Know – Part 389

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. If you feel like you are being followed on the road. Take 5 consecutive left (or right) turns.

If you are ever on the road and feel like the person behind you is following you and you are growing concerned. Take 5 consecutive left turns (or right if you’d prefer). If the car is still following you after you have done 5 consecutive turns you have basically done a full loop around the block and there is a very high chance that they in fact are following you. You should drive straight to your local police/law enforcement agency or call emergency services.

2. Dogs are much more likely to come back and drop the toy when playing fetch if you have another toy in your hand ready to throw.

This is particularly useful with dogs when they are stubborn and won’t bring the ball/frisbee back and especially when they won’t drop it for you to throw again. Just show them the new toy and they’ll drop what’s in their mouth. Throw the backup and grab the last toy for the next round of fetch.

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3. If you drop out of Wi-Fi or Data coverage, most cellphones will work overtime to find a connection. Leaving Wi-Fi or Data on can be a big drain on your battery as your phone pushes more power through its internal antenna trying to connect to a network.

4. If you feel depressed, without energy, you have brain fog, and/or memory problems, it’s not your fault, you are not lazy and you might be suffering from thyroid problems.

5. You should always eat before going food shopping.

Food shopping on an empty stomach makes you more likely to buy junk food, and extra items you don’t need, thereby leaving you with a larger bill and an unhealthy choice of food.

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