5 Things You Should Know – Part 388

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Do NOT feed table food to pets when you’re a guest at someone’s home.

No matter how much the animal is begging or how much you’re trying to get in its good graces, under no circumstances should you give table food to someone else’s pet unless they have explicitly said it’s ok.

Also, you don’t know what kind of bad behaviors pet owners are trying to correct and by feeding from the table you could be interrupting that training.

2. Dull knives are far more dangerous than sharp knives.

“How would a sharp knife be safer than a dull one? Wouldn’t it cut you easily?” You may ask. That is the truth, however, you should know that most accidents in the kitchen are a result of a dull knife.

With a sharp knife, you don’t need to work hard to cut. You apply minimal pressure and the knife does the rest. You have full control of the blade, however, if you are using a dull knife, you are forced to apply much more pressure, and the heavier you push, the less control you have meaning when pushing hard when using a dull knife you are much more likely to lose control and stab yourself full force in the hand because you couldn’t stop the knife in time when it slipped. With a sharp knife you require very little force, and as a result, have much greater control over what you are doing making cutting with a sharp knife much safer than cutting using a dull one.

3. “I’m Feeling Lucky” on Google Earth is an awesome feature that helps users to travel to random locations on our planet and learn new things about new attractions in different countries. If you are wondering which hidden gem you should visit next, then this feature is definitely for you!

With “I’m Feeling Lucky,” users will be taken somewhere among tens of thousands of notable tourist spots only with the click of a button by Google Earth. After having arrived at a point of interest, you can also open a Knowledge Card to learn more about the history and facts of that place and have a look at some of the pictures.

4. You can pick up small microscopes that go over your phone camera very cheaply, aside from being fun they are also great for home first aid and allow you to check that small wounds are clean or to locate splinters and other debris.

I used one of these to find a tiny piece of glass that was stuck in my foot and I hadn’t been able to see with my own eyes.

Goes without saying, sterilize with an anti-bac wipe before and after using it in this way!

5. Everyone would do things differently if they had a re-do on their life. Don’t focus on what mistakes you’ve made and try to enjoy what makes your life unique.

Sometimes we focus on what we should have done differently, but we should know that everyone would have done things differently at some point. Learn from it and move on. Your life is unique, embrace, and build onto the good.

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