How To Succeed In Love And Relationship

So many men approach me saying something like “I am interested!” But the look on their face shows otherwise… They do not get clear about what they want or do not. Its important to know what you really can not tolerate in a partner. You should Make a list of your “don’t wants” and then cut it down to the 5-10 most important. I don’t have a positive outlook on a date if that person is always looking at the floor, not at you when talking and there seems to be no joy for them in life… What happens to humor and that little smile that will say a lot to me about who you are? Humor and a smile also shows me that joy won’t be a problem if involved in a relationship with me.

I have come to learn that positive begets positive, and in a world that seams so negative, and morals paramount to a plan B, I choose the humorous and smiley guy any day of the week or month. I have learned that to look beyond the looks and to look at the big picture is so important. People change as life goes on you know. I have been married for 15 years and what I looked for was someone that was truly faithful and had a sense of humor. Someone who made me laugh. It has been a wonderful 15 years and I hope for many more to come.

Its good manners to look at a person when you are being spoken to, yet a lot of honest and loving persons prefer to avoid eye contact. It’s good for a man and woman who are in love to look unto each other’s eyes so that each can know the internal feelings of the other concerning the relationship and also each can make a correct judgment on what type of a person he/she is.

How about my friend who says she is in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care about her and always putting her down, No matter what he does for this girl, nothing is ever good enough for her. And he tries so hard to please her. What is he doing so wrong to deserve all of this!! Sometimes it really hurts. Try something new. You know the best way to have things stay the same is to never do anything different. Vary your daily routine, just to keep yourself awake. Shake yourself up and notice what happens. Keep yourself open to chance opportunities, and then take advantage of them. One thing is for sure, there are people who will never get satisfied with what they have. you will hear them complaining about the size of their shoes as much as they complain about size of the coins in their pockets.

Its imperative to learn the art of showing a positive attitude toward life. This really draws attention both to yourself and your friends. I went out one day with a guy my age, and all the time i was enjoying my drink, this fool was trying to hit on the twenty one year old standing next to me. Of course if you love yourself you don’t need anyone else to. For me, this was so obvious, i did not ask any questions. Do you know why i did not? Because this jerk did not have any answer. I hit him hard on the face and told him to forget.

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