The world sure is an ever-changing animal.

The world sure is an ever-changing animal. Just when you think you have a grasp on what’s going on, something will change. It always does. I guess that’s the beauty of life and evolution. Unfortunately not everyone welcomes change. Some folks are so dead-set in their ways that they can never adapt to nuances. So much has to do with the experiences they’ve endured in their lives. Many people still expect everyone to date only within their own race. They feel that it’s not right to condone interracial relationships. Some will say the world is complicated enough as it is. However, we don’t exactly get to choose who we fall for.

It’s funny, but if I were to ask my grandmother about interracial relationships, she would make some comment concerning the Japanese. A race of people she still refers to as “the Japs.” Needless to say, she’s pejudice against this group of people. Her anger and fears stem from WWII. This is a race of people she has trouble seeing in a positive light. Therefore if I were to date a Japanese girl, she would hate it. Well, I’m certain that some individuals deal with this on a routine basis. These days you have plenty of interracial relationships in the USA and abroad. Some parents are fine with this, and some are not. I will say that while I don’t frown upon interracial relationships in general, I can imagine that it would make life a bit more difficult for the parties involved. Some people will never be able to accept the changes. So if you’re in an interracial relationship, be ready for some ridicule, staring and criticism. It goes with the territory.

There are online websites designed for interracial relationships. You can actually get on the web and meet other singles like yourself. There are plenty of singles out there in search of interracial relationships. On that note, hopefully the world’s ability to accept change will only grow. I do think we’re heading toward a future of possibilities, open-mindedness, and plenty of diversity. Hey, God made us all different for a reason. It only makes sense to embrace the beauty of variety.

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