Language barrier story – International relationships tips.

And it’s fantastic to live in a time where you have a lot of communication methods that allow you to search for a one true love in a country that you probably know little about. You just follow your heart and intuition that can lead you to where she is. In a part of this world a lady of your dreams does exist, and we can tell you how to find her.
With a help of the International dating agency Oksanalove with 12 years of experience in International relationships introduction you can find your Russian bride.

Plenty of modern technologies and people from the on-line dating industry are waiting to serve and assist you with connecting to your beloved one. And this is extremely important in your relationship, because all that is going to bring you closer to each other begins with transmitting the strong feelings that you bear in your hearts and interpreting the right words that you want to express.

Finally, with the International agency Oksanalove helps you to find your second half! But there’s still something that makes you feel awkward. And it’s called the language barrier. At first it doesn’t seem like such a big problem at first, since the agency helps you with the phone calls translations and letters. Generally guys are the lucky ones because you were able to overcome the huge distances and make your destiny happen in spite of all the obstacles. You are truly happy and this is the most important thing! But the language barrier still exists. And when all the bureaucratic things are behind you and your girlfriend is there with you in your Motherland, far away from the place where she was born a lack of mutual communication is going to affect her at times. Let’s talk about Russian women, who’ve moved to USA and go through some difficult times due to the language barrier.

As a simple example I can tell you a story – actually my personal story, that happened to me when I first moved to the USA.
It was my first morning in the house of my future husband. I got up and as everyone does went to brush my teeth. Among many other similar looking tubes I found one that seemed just like toothpaste. It had a nice fresh mint smell and an appropriate consistency. As I brushed my teeth I noticed that the paste was a bit strange in taste and oily in texture. After I finished there was something very wrong! In a few seconds my mouth was burning, I couldn’t speak and didn’t know what to do.

I was going crazy for several hours before my fiancee got home. I told him “It is some strong tooth paste you have here in the States” He asked me to show what I was using, when I did – his first reaction was shock, then he started asking me if I felt OK, then he saw that I was just fine except for my gums and mouths burning – He start laughing!

He said: “Oksana, it is a BEN–GAY!”

Guess what? As I found out later, about 40% of women who arrived to this country – experienced exactly the same! We just don’t have Ben–Gay in Russia – so how would we know?

You think this is funny? Guess what? when my mother came to visit me in the USA, we went to see my mother in Law in California. So, my mom’s first morning in the States, she goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth, she is coming out with the statement “It is some strong tooth paste you, American, have here!” Gosh, “Ought, No” – I said. I checked the “toothpaste” she was using and here is the surprise – SHE DID EXACTLY THE SAME! It just had to be that the tub of “Ben–Gay” sitting on mother’s in law sink, exactly at that day and that time!

So, be patient, kind and understanding and… be ready for such things to occur in your International relationship and your life after you and your Russian bride are finally together.
According to the dating agencies the most difficult time for the couple is their first year of marriage. This period is the time when brides are trying to adapt to a different lifestyle of her fiancee’s country; she’s trying to make his bachelor’s loft warm and family-like, and creating a friendly and trusting atmosphere in the house. At the same time she misses her home where everything was so usual and simple. That’s why you have really “walk a mile in her shoes”! She left everything just because she adores you so much and wants to be with you.

Some of the Oksanalove online International dating agency clients, who want their future Russian wives to move to the United States or Europe show their best attitude towards their brides. They are really the ones who care and try to prevent their sweet hearts from being isolated and depressed due to the language barrier.

That’s why our boys usually try to think of all these complicated stuff before they start living with their brides together. They do it in order so nothing could spoil their joyful, enjoyable and happy family life! Some of them look for extensive English language courses in our agency; others ask for the database of Russian women who’ve moved to their country. And as experience shows, all this can only strengthen and improve the couple’s life together.
In actuality, Russian women are very sensitive and kind creatures. So, when they see and feel their fiances are really taking care of them they begin having even more love, passion and sincere, positive feelings towards the fiancee they adore.

The first phone calls a couple does on our three- way conference calls sometimes are really nice and sweet. It’s the first time when they hear each others voice and feel that they have became one step closer to each other. The guys usually prefer this three-way conference call service because they can have a translator’s help for avoiding misunderstandings and misinterpretation due to the language barrier. Especially taking into consideration that this is their first phone conversation.

Actually, love is a great thing! And it’s fabulous when two people are able to find each other even being in different spots of the globe. And only love can make people forget about everything else and just follow their hearts. Love means making sacrifices for your loved one and going through thick and thin just to be with them!

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