Is your emotional baggage preventing you from successful online dating?

You’re single yet again, a long relationship down the drain. Now you’re eager to get back into the dating game; you’re human, and, for this reason, you have a tendency to bring along your baggage into new relationships. Getting back into the dating world is an excellent time to analyze the baggage you’ve accumulated; emotional baggage is a correlation to your history, what you’ve been through. Having a healthy soul and mind is a direct result of how you deal with your emotional baggage.

Reflect on your past events and ponder your re-entrance into the dating scene; perhaps it was the end of a long, stale relationship or a divorce. To make a successful leap into your new life, you must be willing to deal with and to unpack your “baggage”. The key is acceptance; whatever pain you may be feeling, remember this: it will pass.

When starting a new conversation with a prospective match, they may ask you about your past and why you decided to get back into the dating game. Try to maintain a simple and “to the point” reply; don’t dwell on your history. Instead, give just enough information and move on. Remember that the more you stay on the topic of your painful past, the more the bad feelings resurface, causing grief and sadness. Your emotional wounds may still be tender and need time to heal. The trick is to get yourself into certain a frame of mind so that you accept your issues and places you into a balanced state of well-being and tranquility. Seek out the support of your family and friends; they can do wonders for you spiritually and emotionally. It’s not a good idea to introvert your negative feelings deep down inside. Let them out. Sometimes the only way to move out of the past to confront them head on, analyzing them, exploring them, letting go of them.

Prospective matches don’t want to hear about how bad your last relationship was. A retelling of your past relationship only says something about your current state of mind: you are not over your past, you are still hurt, and that you are not emotionally available for a new relationship. Drop your negative past like a bag of bricks; take a load off of your spirit by moving forward to a brighter, happier future.

When engaged in a conversation with someone, tell them a little about yourself. Good topics of discussion are hobbies, passions, goals, your job, and anything positive you might want to expose. Don’t let any negativity cloud your chances of finding happiness again.

Unload your emotional baggage and live life! You no longer have a need to lug it around anymore; you’ll feel better once you realize this. The past is just what it is: the past. It’s a learning experience from which you gained a mountain of knowledge. In time, all wounds heal, and you’ll find happiness again.

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