5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 241

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. If you’re looking for a job, mention it to everybody that you come in contact with. You never know whose sister’s neighbor’s uncle is hiring.

2. If you catch yourself thinking about the past remember: It’s OK to look back just don’t stare.

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3. If you lose your dog in unfamiliar terrain leave your coat overnight for the dog to find.

If your dog takes off in a panic when they are in unfamiliar terrain it may take them a good while to stop panicking and running. By the time they calm down they may be completely lost. If you have to stop searching at night you should leave your coat or a blanket that smells like you/your home/your dog at the place you were last together. If the dog retraces its steps at night and finds a familiar item they will often just lie down on top of it. If you make sure you are back at first light in the morning you might find them there waiting for you.

4. Whether you’re in college on a budget or just hard times. Rice is many times cheaper than ramen and more filling. Especially if bought in bulk(25lb bag). It’s also way healthier due to salt content.

5. Make it a habit not to pick up calls from work after office hours. Even if you must do so, let the call ring out and call them back after several minutes. It makes it less likely for people to sideload their work on you assuming that you are free.

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