25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 259

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 258, click here.

1. Harrison Ford as a carpenter before he became famous as an actor, 1970.

2. A young Prince Charles standing between his grandmother, The Queen Mother, and aunt, Princess Margaret, at his mother Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953.

3. Painters on the Brooklyn Bridge suspender cables, 7 October 1914.

4. Japanese Samurai Archer, 1870.

5. Two women munitions workers at the National Shell Filling Factory in Chilwell, Nottinghamshire during WWI, 1917.

6. Leslie Hardman, the British Army’s senior rabbi during WWII, and Father M.C. Morrison conduct a service over a mass grave at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp after the liberation, 25 April 1945.

7. US Soldiers from the 5th Army watch the Vesuvius erupted, Naples, March 1944.

8. Messenger dog leaping over a German trench, May 1917.

9. American soldiers show off a captured German “Wechselapparat” flamethrower in Chaumont, France, 16 October 1918.

10. No Dog Biscuits Today, 1939.

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